Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cool performances

Three videos showing the great potential of anthropomorphic costumes.

I’m especially enthralled by this one with the faun, both the costume/makeup and the acting are great with just the right degree of uncanniness. It gave me chills just looking at the video… seeing the performance in real life has to be quite an experience. As simple as it may be, this is real performance art.

Embedding disabled - follow the link to watch:

Quadruped costumes are very difficult to design and wear properly if they are to imitate the actual walking motions of the animal. The crafter(s) and performer did a great job here.

Fursuits are on the brink of becoming mainstream fashionable items now and are considered more and more the defining element of the furry fandom, but can the furry fandom achieve anything close to this level of performance? Something which can be fun and moving for a general audience instead of the mere inside joke it is in most cases? Not everybody has to be a professional performer of course, but I feel there is something amiss with the way fursuits are used in the fandom.

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