Sunday, February 21, 2010


An idea I put together in a couple days, originating from a half-lucid dream. There were anthro foxes who painted their fur with lots of black forming a sort of disruptive camouflage pattern, something similar to dazzle painting for ships. So I looked for a nice scene illustrating the concept. This is the sequence of thumbnails and sketches, from the first attemtps to find a nice pose to the copy I'm going to color.

Picture 3 is the same size of 4-5 and was supposed to be the proper sketch, instead it's what happens when I try to draw hastily and without really reasoning about the pose... a mess. Picture 4-5 are basically the same done with more patience and thinking carefully about every line and volume. The difference is worth the effort, but it's really hard to stay focused at times...

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